Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement in Colorado

Colorado is full of gorgeous locations for an alpine lake hiking elopement. If that sounds like your vibe, stay for a while. I promise you’ll find what you’re looking for. Below is the coolest couple on their elopement day and I’d love to share the way I documented our time together. Thanks for being here (: 

Kristin + Tom are from Philly. They planned a trip to Denver so they could see a Red Rocks show and figured “why not elope while we are there since Colorado seems so beautiful”? So not only are they cool concert goers, they are also brilliant lol. They told me they were laid back and wanted to get out as see pretty views but just needed to be finished in time for them to nap and hit up their show at 8 pm. I cheesed so hard when I read that part of their inquiry and told them I could help them with that hah.

We met up in a Target parking lot when it was still dark outside and I drove us to the trailhead. We immediately clicked and chatted/laughed the entire time! When we arrived, the sun was slowly creeping back into the sky. On our way to lake, we were able to stop and check out some gorgeous views during our water breaks. About halfway up I was telling them “the last time I hiked this trail I saw 4 moose just around the corner” and as soon as we turned the corner we saw a gang of moose, doing their thing! Definitely a highlight of the day! 

We got to the lake, they freshened up, and we got to it. They laughed a ton, cried a ton, and explored a ton. We hung out at the lake until it was time to head back to the trailhead. We had to prioritize their much needed nap so they could rally and have a blast at Red Rocks!

Colorado Alpine Lake Hiking Elopement Photos

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I hope you enjoyed browsing this awesome alpine lake hiking elopement in Colorado! If you’re planning a Colorado elopement, reach out! I’d love to learn more about your vision and help you plan the perfect day. If you’re looking for more inspiration and guidance with planning, check out my Colorado Elopement Guide!