Breckenridge Engagement Sessions: Planning, Tips & Locations

You’re engaged and want engagement photos in Breckenridge, Colorado! You’ve come to the right place. I’m a Colorado elopement and wedding photographer and I’m in Breckenridge 15-20 times a year! Engagements are such an exciting time in a couple’s life and it’s really important to document it. This blog post is definitely going to help you plan for your Breckenridge engagement session! Let’s get into it:

colorado engagement session near Breckenridge

Reasons to have a Breckenridge engagement session:

  • Let’s be serious here—the mountains are always calling.
  • Breck is a beautiful place to vacation! Whether you’re coming in from a different state or visiting from the Front Range (Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, etc.), Breckenridge is an amazing location.
  • There are lots of gorgeous locations to choose from for your session
  • You get to practice being in front of a camera before your big day

Things to keep in mind when finding a photographer:

Editing Style

Dark and moody…or neutral…or bright and airy..or vibrant colors? Don’t hire a photographer who edits dark and moody when your heart loves bright, clean photos—it’ll suck for the both of you when you’re unhappy with your photos and your photographer is being asked to deliver a gallery that doesn’t line up with their work.

What your final gallery will look like

Blurry background (bokeh) 100% of the time? Only close ups? Only photos from super far away? Variety is the spice of life, my friends. If you’re traveling all the way to Breckenridge for your engagement session to have photos taken in the mountains but a photographer you’re researching always cuts the tops off of them (their personal photography preference—no shade ever), then maybe you should keep looking around. Do their couples look stiff and super posed or can you see personalities? Ask yourself how you want your photos to look. The easiest way to learn this about any photographer is to stalk their IG page and website, and inquire and ask to see a full gallery (this is key here, blog and IG posts are highlight reels). 

Photographer’s personality

You’re going to perform lots of PDA in front of someone you don’t know. It’s important you get a good sense of their personality from their website or IG to see if you would be cool hanging out with them for a couple of hours.  It might not seem very important but would you rather kiss your honey in front of someone you like? Or someone who feels like a complete stranger/you can’t relate to.

Engagement locations near Breckenridge

engagement session on Hoosier Pass in colorado

Hoosier Pass

You can drive right to the top of Hoosier Pass year round and explore the trails for your engagement session! Keep in mind that this location is over 12,000 feet above sea level-bring snacks and proper hydration if you plan on exerting a lot of energy. Gotta keep the vibes (& blood sugar lol) high! **Please practice avalanche safety during the winter months.** This is serious. Even snowshoes can trigger an avalanche, check local information here. Check CDOT to figure out if Hoosier Pass is open during the winters as it is often closed to crews can conduct controlled avy triggering.

Sapphire Point

Sapphire Point is a location that doesn’t require a ton of effort to get to—because of this, there are often a lot of people there enjoying the area. This spot offers amazing views of Lake Dillon and surrounding mountains.  There is a short walk to the overlook and even a trail to explore if you wanted. The best time of day to visit this location is sunrise unless you don’t mind a crowd! Sunset at Sapphire Point is beautiful too. Keep in mind there are ~15 parking spots and the fill up quickly.

Breckenridge Engagement session on Loveland Pass in the winter
Engagement Session near top of Loveland Pass

Loveland Pass

Loveland Pass is a crowd fav for my couples. One of the reasons is that unlike the Hoosier Pass, you don’t have to do anything besides drive to the top of the pass to get the views. It’s almost unfair lol. Plan for people to pass through to stop to take in the views, you can venture away from the parking lot for the most privacy. It only gets better from the parking lot so I recommend it. Loveland Pass is open all year long, only closing down when we have severe snow that limits visibility and creates dangerous conditions. Make sure you check CDOT before hitting the road. 

Lake Dillon

The land surround Lake Dillon is perfect for photos! Lake Dillon is huge so you can get a lot of variety and find the perfect view for you! Renting a sailboat on Lake Dillon for part of your engagement session?!?! Do that and hire me please.

Boreas engagement session near Breckenridge

Boreas Pass

Are you interested in finding a lovely Aspen grove and a mountain backdrop? Boreas Pass is the place for you. It’s only accessible during the warmer months (late-May through early-November) so make sure you plan appropriately. It’s a dirt road and while you don’t need a lift kit, 4 wheel drive is a good idea.

Breckenridge engagement session in mountains

Hidden Gems

Breckenridge is one of the most visited mountain towns in all of Colorado—millions of people travel to recreate and vacation there.  I don’t know about you, but I like to maximize solitude when I’m hiking and I would definitely prefer it if I was behind the camera. There are tons of hidden gems near Breckenridge that can provide more privacy and a low-key experience. Above is an example of a hidden gem near Breckenridge where we say maaaaybe 5 people hour entire 2 hours. Subtle flex: this session was featured in Rocky Mountain Bride in 2020—you can check it out here. 

Breckenridge engagement session

Tips for your Breckenridge engagement session:

Have a plan

Backcountry locations require planning. Think: weather, avalanches, trail maps, etc. Please, please, please don’t go explore a place you aren’t familiar with without a plan. It can make a fun time not fun very quickly.

Pack layers

All my locals know that this goes without saying but the mountains are cold—even if the weather app says otherwise. The higher you go, the colder you will be and the higher your chance of running into wind. You know the quickest way to look uncomfy in your photos? Being cold. Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer you need a break to warm up.

Stay hydrated

Water is your best friend. Always. Even more so when you’re romping around above 9,600 feet (the elevation of the town of Breckenridge). Altitude sickness is a thing…even for locals who are coming from lower elevations.

Pro-tip: Liquid IV is an amazing (& tasty) way to get hydrated quickly. These are a game changer and also the perfect cure for a hangover…the more ya know, amiright?

Trust your photographer

The easiest way to ensure you have amazing photographs besides choosing a talented photographer is to trust them. You chose to invest your hard earned coins on them for a reason! Go with their direction, follow their lead. Have an open mind, treat your session like a cool date night (dinner beforehand is a must and a couple of shots in the parking lot is a good idea if you’re feeling particularly nervous), and have fun!

Respect the land

This should go without saying but it’s always necessary—respect the land and Leave No Trace. Public lands are such a gift and they will become less accessible the more humans disrespect it. What does that look like? Permits for photography and/or hiking in specific areas, timed-access reservation systems, and a whole lot more. DO NOT BRING CONFETTI OR SMOKE BOMBS! PICK  UP YOUR CHAMPANGE CORK! Leave Bambi’s home the way you found it, pick up your dog’s poop, and help prevent forest fires. That is the end of my speech, forgive me.

Are you looking for a Breckenridge Photographer?

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