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I help couples plan epic Elopements & weddings in Crested Butte, Colorado aND then help them relive it forever

+ Recommend amazing vendors
+ Find gorgeous locations
+ Build your elopement timeline


You've decided that having an intimate, intentional experience is the only way you can imagine your day--and you have your eyes set on Crested Butte, Colorado!

Reasons to Elope or Get Married in Crested Butte:

+ The scenery is out of this world

+ It's more remote than other parts of Colorado meaning more privacy for your elopement

+ The perfect place to honeymoon after

+ Rugged mountains, amazing hiking, fishing, world-class skiing, mountain biking, & more

+ Amazing place to return to for the rest of your lives

Crested Butte is one of the coolest mountain towns in Colorado!

I'm an elopement and intimate wedding photographer based in Colorado! I love helping couples plan an epic, intentional day that truly honors their love. I recommend gorgeous locations, awesome vendors, and help you make your dream day a reality!

I’m originally from Wisconsin and instantly fell in love with the diverse landscape of Colorado. You’ll often find me somewhere above the tree-line with my daughter, Gigi, and pups, Boomer, Juneau, and Sasha!

Hey! I'm Mikayla

Colorado elopement pricing starting at $4000

Let me tell ya, Crested Butte does not disappoint! I've been traveling there to hike, camp, and explore for much longer than I've been photographing elopements there and it's amazing. 

Your Crested Butte, Colorado elopement photographer & planner

If you're thinking about eloping in Crested Butte, Colorado, I'd love to chat!

The Woods Walk wedding ceremony site is a beautiful, affordable outdoor wedding venue in Crested Butte. In fact, it is so beautiful and accessible that it is the most popular wedding site in Crested Butte, ahead of Peanut Lake and Gunsight Bridge.

Check out this beautiful fall wedding at The Woods Walk ceremony site in Crested Butte, Colorado! 

Woods Walk Wedding Guide [How to, photos, prices, tips & more]

Fall Woods Walk Wedding in Crested Butte

Crested Butte Resources

Check out this comprehensive Crested Butte elopement guide! It includes local wedding venues too!

Crested Butte Elopement Guide

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