An Engagement Ring Buying Guide for Denver, Colorado

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This guide will help you figure out where and how to find the perfect engagement ring in Denver, Colorado!

An Engagement Ring Buying Guide For Denver, Colorado

Things to figure out before searching for engagement rings

Before starting this search for the perfect engagement ring for your honey, you have to figure some things out! While it is awesome and very sentimental to completely surprise your significant other with their engagement ring & going out on a limb to figure some things out on your own, it’s in everyone’s best interest if you conduct some preliminary research haha. You’re spending your hard earned coins & the goal is for your honey to love everything about this ring for the rest of your lives–or at least until you guys decide it’s time to upgrade. You can be as stealthy as you want to be with this or you can simply ask, either way–here are some things you want to know going into engagement ring shopping.

Engagement ring size

A properly sized engagement ring is very important as gemstones make them top heavy and it’s easy to damage the setting and or stone if it accidentally rotates to the inside of someone’s hand. Luckily, it’s very easy to add sizing beads (a life-saver for people with wide knuckles but skinny fingers) or get rings resized. If you’re going to guess, error on the side of too big, so you can get it on and it doesn’t get stuck while you’re popping the question!

Type of cut

There are a wide variety of cuts that can make the same gemstone look completely different in an engagement ring. For example, emerald cut diamonds look completely different than a classic round. This is one of the most important things to figure out before you go out to buy an engagement ring because this is very personal and varies per person. With this, I suggest figuring out your honey’s top 3 favorite cuts so you can walk into the jewelry store with options and a plan.

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Type of metal

Does your honey wear more gold, silver, rose gold, or other? A lot of people don’t like to mix metals, so if your boo only wears gold jewelry, it’s probably a safe idea to choose a gold engagement ring setting.

Type of gemstone

Do you know what kind of gemstone you’re looking for? It is quite possible that your significant other wants nothing to do with sapphires and has been eyeing a beautifully set turquoise engagement ring on Pinterest since they were 12. Or that they can literally only imagine having a diamond. This is something you want to know because if there is anything that matters more than the cut of the gemstone, it’s the gemstone itself.

Ethical alternatives to diamonds

There are a ton of amazing alternatives to diamonds that don’t have the price tag or connection to conflict. Here are some beautiful options to consider: Morgonaite, Sapphire, Turquoise, Opal, and Alexandrite. If you know that your honey wants a diamond lookalike, Moissanite is the perfect option that compares aesthetically!

Jewelry stores in Denver

Williams Jewelers | A family-owned jewelry story located in Cherry Creak — they do military discounts

Blue Nile | A showroom for the leading online jewelry store located in Park Meadows Mall

Kate Maller Jewelry | Sustainable fine jewelry located near West Highlands

Brilliant Earth | Global leader in ethically sourced fine jewelry. Showroom in downtown Denver!

East West Gems | Online custom jewelry company specializing in Moissanite rings! They’re amazing.

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