You Should Get Married at The Barn at Evergreen! Here’s why.

The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park is so beautifully tucked into the Colorado mountains that if you’re looking for a unique venue that gives you that “Colorado wedding” feel, you truly don’t have to look any further. Like it’s a schedule a venue walkthrough at The Barn and cancel your remaining walkthroughs type deal. I recently photographed my first wedding at The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park and, as a Colorado wedding photographer, I instantly fell in love. Strap in because I’m going to explain why:

The Barn at Evergreen is a great venue for wedding photography

  • Beautiful, natural lighting
  • Stained glass windows
  • Loft
  • Nearby scenic locations for portraits
  • Attentive Staff
  • Unique and romantic vibe

Keep scrolling to read my in-depth reasons why these things matter

colorado wedding at the barn at evergreen memorial park

Beautiful, natural lighting

I’m very spoiled as the majority of my couples choose to have their wedding outside. So when I packed my camera gear for this indoor wedding, I made sure to include a couple of flashes and lots of batteries just in case the lighting wasn’t ideal because honestly, you never know. Before I went to join the ladies for some getting ready photos, I tested the lighting throughout The Barn and it was awesome! That’s total saying a lot because it wasn’t super sunny outside. I can’t even imagine how bright it gets in there on a day with clear skies. There are more than tons of windows that allow for enough lighting for beautiful photos while the sun is up! 

Three words: Stain glass windows.

From the outside of the barn, you truly can’t tell how amazing the windows are. Sure, you look at them and can obviously see that they aren’t regular windows but as soon as you walk in your mouth drops. Literally, so beautiful! It’s the perfect pop of color that has you constantly craning your neck up to stare in awe. If the forecast shows that you have rain on your wedding day, there is NO REASON TO CRY because the entire inside of the barn is beautiful. My bride and groom wanted to sneak away for some outdoor photos during the cocktail hour, and they were stunning. But! I would be completely fine shooting every single photo inside of this establishment and be confident that I was going to deliver a kick ass gallery. 

stained glass at the barn at evergreen memorial park in colorado

There is a Loft Area

This is the perfect area for a photo booth or to have a guest book out! People will ABSOLUTELY wander up the stairs to get a closer look at the stained glass windows, so you might as well utilize this space! It’s also a beautiful place for family photos. I took every single family photo in front of the stained glass and it didn’t feel too crowded with everyone waiting for their turn. ALSO, if you were thinking “Wow, I feel like this would be an amazing view during the dances”—you are correct! You get a birds-eye view of the dance floor and then market lights and it makes for BEAUTIFUL photos. Honestly, the photos I took from above are some of my favorites. 

Nearby Scenic Locations for Formals

A lot of town of Evergreen is tucked into the mountains which means that you don’t have to look very hard for beautiful trees or golden aspen (please someone get married in the fall and then hire me so we can find ALLLL of the changing leaves lol). If you want different views than the ones you’d get from the property, we can easily find them! We only had to drive 3 minutes before were able to find an open area with giant trees in the background. It was sososo easy to knock out 15 minutes of photos before we went back to join cocktail hour! Also, Evergreen is very accessible to many popular nearby mountain towns. So, depending how you plan to create your timeline, you could easily pop on over and create some variety in your experience. Which is super convenient for couples who want a morning ceremony so they can adventure in the mountains after the reception! OR, if you’re wanting a morning-after-adventure-session in your wedding attire (: The possibilities are endless because YOUR DAY YOUR WAY BABY!

Responsive Staff

The staff is very accommodating of the wants and needs of their couples! My bride and groom kept saying how easy it was to communicate! My couple planned their entire Colorado wedding from California and they honestly couldn’t have done it without the amazing accessibility of the staff. All coordination was an absolute breeze and any misunderstandings were easily corrected!

Working with a venue that takes care of their clients so well allows the couple to fully enjoy their day! They are able to soak in sweet moments with their family and friends! A relaxed, happy couple makes for the best photos and memories!

Very Unique, Romantic Vibe

Honestly, I felt like this was one of the most intimate, romantic venues I’ve ever photographed at. There were 50ish people in the celebration but it felt like we could’ve been in my couple’s backyard with their favorite peeps. It felt THAT cozy and familiar. The market lights over the dance floor, that was perfectly placed below the loft, made the reception amazing!  The Barn has so much character and you feel that in every corner. Also, did I mention that the stained glass is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING?! I did? Okay, cool. 

winter wedding at the barn at evergreen memorial park

Some Other Really Awesome Perks:

  • You are free to use caterers and alcohol of your own choice! Yes, folks. That means more autonomy! You have the freedom to choose and customize YOUR day to YOUR wants and needs. During the reception, an aunt literally drove to town to buy more champagne BECAUSE SHE COULD! Cool, right?
  • If you are planning on having your wedding outside and there is bad weather on the forecast (afternoon storms are VERY common during summer months), you have the most beautiful indoor option available to you!
  • Not uncommon to see herds of elk or buffalo.
  • Lots of nearby Air Bnb’s for guests.
  • Only 45 minutes from downtown Denver (when there’s no traffic).


  • Right next to a cemetery…I’m a lover of horror movies so I definitely noticed it when I pulled up BUT! I didn’t think about it AT ALL for the rest of the day…until I walked to my car after the wedding haha. 
  • The venue is VERY tucked into the mountains. Like many miles up a windy road. So, I wouldn’t completely rely on Ubers or Lyfts. Maybe a rent a shuttle instead! Or, inform your guests ahead of time so they can prepare accordingly.
  • Anything more than 100 guests on the main floor will be too crowded. And spilling over onto the loft can have a portion of your guests feeling isolated. I think the limit should be 75-80 guests but 100 is fine if you reeeeally love each other.
  • It’s a barn without air conditioning. Summer weddings should either rent huge fans to push hot air around OR just strap in and ride the wave of heat until the sun dips. The temperature will instantly drop 10-15 degrees as soon as the sun sets. The nice thing is, there lots of doors and windows to open for circulation. The wedding I photographed was in winter so there were absolutely no problems regarding guests overheating. 

CLICK HERE to check out the wedding at The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park that I kept mentioning during this post. It was beautiful and I cried 75% of the time. & CLICK HEEEERE if you want to chat because you’re already sold and want to get this show on the road. Cheers and happy wedding planning, friends!