Twin Lakes Engagement Session | Mikayla Renee Photo

Twin Lakes Reservoir is the perfect place for an engagement session. Whenever someone tells me that they want to bring their dog and want mountain + water views without hiking, it’s near the top of my list of engagement location recommendations.

Jo and Zach are old friends of mine. We went to college together and have known each other since 2013. This engagement session was my wedding gift to them (I get to be a guest, yay) and they immediately knew they wanted Twin Lakes Reservoir because that’s where they signed their marriage license two years prior. We met up and explored together until the sun went down. They brought their pup, Willow, along for the fun and she was definitely the start in every photo she’s in. 

Tips for having a Twin Lakes engagement session:

Research when the sun sets. The sun sets directly behind the view that everyone loves. In order to avoid an entire gallery of sun flares and completely backlit photos, be strategic around sunset! Talk to you photographer about this.

If you love water, avoid winter. The lake completely freezes over in the winter time and you’ll be disappointed if you chose Twin Lakes specifically for the water views. It’s frozen and covered in snow in the winter and you’ll often see ice fishers in the distance.

Prepare for crowds. Twin Lakes is favorite among the locals, and for good reason! It’s beautiful and it’s the perfect basecamp for lots of outdoor recreation. Be prepared to have to wander off to find a spot that’s quiet while maintaining the views. 

Bring layers. Twin Lakes is very close to a mountain range and, depending on the weather, can get VERY windy. It can make for amazing movement if you have a flowy dress but can also make for a chilly time if you’re not prepared.

Pick a location to meet ahead of time. There are many access points to the reservoir and you don’t want to accidentally end up at a different place than your photographer.

Looking for an engagement photographer to join you in Twin Lakes? Check out my work and reach out!