Loveland Pass Engagement Session

January 30, 2020

I’m super pumped to share this unique Loveland Pass ski engagement session with you guys! This is the first time I’ve photographed a couple skiing! I’m hooked! GIVE ME MORE please + thanks (:

One of the first things Anita + Rob told me was how important skiing was in their relationship. We all new from the start that we were going to pull those skis out during their engagement session! I was seriously sooo happy because I tell people all the time how important it is for their photos to truly reflect them! Loveland Pass is so beautiful, you don’t need to pay to ski, and it’s super accessible. People normally take turns shuttling their friends or hitch a ride back to the top. On my way to meet A + R at the top of the pass, two guys hopped in the bed of my truck to avoid the trek back in ski boots hah!

Loveland Pass is an amazing spot for an engagement session!

I had so much fun photographing A + R because I could tell that they were having a blast! I made them hike up a couple of hills in their ski boots (sorry again guys lol) and they still had smiles on their faces. After earning a couple of turns, we went to go thaw out and cross our fingers that we’d get a short window with some visibility for the rest of their photos. 20 minutes later, we’re sprinting out of the car because we could see something other than a wall of snow lol. We only got 10 good minutes but they nailed it!

A + R get married this year in Denver ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! That’s right! I’m starting my 25th trip around the sun with their pretty faces and I’m puuumped! They’re getting married at SKYLIGHT Denver and I know it is going to be so frickin’ beautiful.  Also, Rob is a chef and he’s catering at HIS OWN WEDDING which is legit the coolest thing ever. I’m already drooling lol.

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