Winter Ophir Elopement

If you’re looking to elope near Telluride during the off-season, this is for you. This Ophir winter elopement was beautiful, private, and cold—three things we knew it would be. The off-season in Telluride is very quiet and the definitely move if you don’t mind cooler temperatures and having to go to Clarks for yummy food. Stay a while, thanks for being here!

Josh proposed to Tessa at Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride. When they reached out to me, they originally wanted to elope at the base of the falls. But for the people that have been to Telluride in the winter, you know that the road is closed and it’s a long and cold trek. But, luckily I knew a couple of places that’d be perfect for their ceremony.

The morning started at their gorgeous Air Bnb with Josh making breakfast as Tessa was getting her makeup done with the dogs nearby. It was a cold, windy morning and our goal was to beat the storm that was forecasted to arrive in town by 2 pm. They got ready, had a special first look on the deck, and we went into town to get those iconic Main street photos! Locals are always so pumped to see couples in wedding attire in the middle of town so T + J got plenty of honks and smiles. When we finally ended up at Trout Lake, winds were like 30 mph. Tessa and Josh said their vows and we explored a bit to take in the views before the wind was literally whipping the water out of the lake and onto us haha.

Their day finished where it started, back at their Air BnB. There we hung out until it was time for them to go into town for food. I left feeling so lucky that Google connected me with another amazing couple that I immediately clicked with!

Ophir Elopement Photos

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I hope you loved this Ophir winter elopement as much as I do! If you’re planning an elopement in or near Telluride, reach out! I’ve been hiking and camping in these mountains long before I started photographing couples. I’d love to learn more about your vision and help you plan the perfect day. Looking for more planning help? Check out my Colorado elopement guide!