How much time do we need on our wedding day?

As soon as you inquire, we’ll dig right into this. Think about what you want documented! Are you interested in getting ready shots? A first look? Going to an off-site location for portraits? Sparkler exit? All of these things need to be taken into consideration! A typical wedding day calls for about 8 hours of coverage.

How do I book you & how far in advance should we do it?

Once we determine if we’re a good fit for each other, all you have to do is sign a contract, pay a retainer, and we can start planning!! I recommend ASAP!! Couples/engagement sessions normally are booked just a couple months in advance, elopements anywhere from 3-9 months, and weddings anywhere from 6-18 months!

Can we meet up for coffee before booking??

Let’s Facetime/chat over the phone!! I will 1000% meet up for coffee/beer/ice cream/whatever once you book! This is just to prevent me running all around Colorado!

Do you travel?!

YESSSSSSS!! Seriously. Count me in every single time! I’m all for it.

Do you help with location scouting & recommendations?

Absolutely!! My family and I spend as much time as we possibly can outide. After 6 years in Colorado, I have a loooong list of hikes and beautiful views across the state. After you book and sign the contract, I’ll send you a list of options for you and your hunny to look through!

Before we ever romp around a mountain side together, I’ll

find out the condition of the trail, the road, etc. so we can be prepared as possible.

If we don’t want an engagement session, can we get a discount?

Nope! Engagement sessions are complementary because it is sososo important that we hang out before the big day!

How many outfits can I have/what should I wear??

Changing clothes eats up time. Normally, couples want a max of 2 so we can get some variety but not eat up too much time & take away from the photos. If you truly want to change 5 times, you totally can, just know that it will most likely take away from the experience.

General tips when choosing looks for an outdoor session: flowy clothing looks GREAT when we inevitably get a huge gust of wind (we want movement in our photos), alllllways comfy footwear (!!!), keep patterns/prints to a minimum (they can be distracting if there are too many), stick to neutrals/muted colors (the bright colors can be distracting and will reflect off of your skin…bad news). I wrote a blog post with examples that you can check out HERE!

How many photos do you deliver?

The standard across the wedding industry is around 50-100 an hour. I deliver all of the photos that are flattering! Weddings are about 500+ & sessions are 60-125. That being said, if you have double those numbers of photos that are beautiful/aren’t duplicates/tell your story, I deliver all of them.

Do you ever deliver RAW images?


How do we receive our images?

You’ll receive your full, high-res gallery online. Unlimited downloads & the option to buy prints and albums!!

How long do we have to wait for our photos?

Engagement/couples/anniversary sessions will be delivered in 1-2 weeks! Elopements & Weddings will be delivered in 3-6 weeks depending on how busy I am!