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3m curve elopement in Rocky Mountain national park

If you’re wedding planning, I’m sure you’ve heard of or even considered eloping at some point! I’m going to give you a couple of reasons to elope with the goal of helping couples figure out if eloping is right for them!

The day you exchange vows and marry the love of your life is a big one. We’ve known this since we were kids. Getting married is a huge deal and will go down as one of the best days of your entire life. Your wedding day deserves to look how you want it to–whether that’s with 100 of your favorite peeps or just you, your honey, your dogs, and maybe a handful of loved ones. As a Colorado elopement and wedding photographer that has witnessed many wedding days, here is my take on why you should choose to elope.

Colorado mountain elopement

Elopements are less stressful

Every inquiry I get these days has some variation of “wedding planning is so incredibly stressful” or “we realized we were planning so we could entertain other people, not honor ourselves”. If you become riddled with anxiety when thinking about planning the best day of your life, you have to ask yourself if this is the right thing for you! When you’re choosing to elope, you’re choosing the opportunity to plan a day that is authentic to you and your relationship. You don’t have to prioritize anyone or anything other than you and your partner.

Choosing to elope allows you to break wedding traditions and do whatever you want to do! Donuts instead of cake, off-roading to your ceremony location, having your celebration at an Air Bnb, etc. Planning becomes easier and stress-free. You are now able to focus on your experience and create a day that speaks to you instead of one based upon the expectations of others!

Colorado Springs elopement couple on mountain
Mountain-top elopement in Colorado Springs

The possibilities are endless when eloping

You are free to DREAM! Eloping gives you the opportunity to literally do whatever you want! No pressure, no expectations, no rules. You and your partner can do anything–the possibilities are endless. Don’t put a limit on your day! If you like paddle boarding, bring those paddle boards! If you want to eat ice cream on top of a mountain with your three dogs, let’s make that happen!! Do you get what I’m saying here?!

Hiking elopement in Colorado

You can honeymoon right after your elopement

I personally think that Colorado is an amazing place to elope–yes, I am extremely biased lol. Seriously though, you two can choose any place in the entire world to elope. The coast, the desert, Europe, Patagonia, anywhere. Something to also keep in mind is that you can knockout your honeymoon at the same time! Can you imagine going to sleep after having the most intimate, authentic elopement only to wake up the next day and BE ON YOUR HONEYMOON?! That sounds like the perfect transition if ya ask me 🙂

colorado elopement at an alpine lake in colorado
Sunrise elopement at alpine lake in Colorado

Elopements can be less expensive

Okay, let’s break this down:

You don’t have to pay for an open bar or per dinner plate! Not even florals, beyond a bouquet and boutonniere (of course, that’s IF you want those). You don’t have to worry about rentals, decor, hotel blocks, or even an officiant (if you choose to elope in Colorado)!

You’re able to put your money towards making memories and experiencing new things together, maybe even add a little extra to the downpayment of your first home together. Seriously, what is better than that?

Telluride elopement at a lake
Elopement ceremony at lake in Telluride

You know that eloping is right for you

Big weddings aren’t for everyone and that’s okay! If you know deep down that an elopement is the way you want to celebrate your marriage, make it happen. In my opinion, there is no point in having a day that doesn’t make your heart sing! You’ll remember your day forever and you want to remember great feelings, like you had a day that looked exactly the way you wanted it to.

Pro tip: eloping doesn’t have to be just you and your partner. You can (and should) include your favorite people if you can’t imagine exchanging vows without them there!

With all of those reasons to elope, please know that it’s okay if you don’t think that eloping is the right choice for you! Elopements are becoming more popular, but if you think a traditional day of celebration is right for you, do it! Like I said before, you deserve a day that you love!

Are you looking for a Colorado elopement photographer?

Okay you guys, I hope those reasons to elope were helpful! If you’re looking for an elopement photographer to help you plan an epic elopement, look at my Colorado elopement packages and contact me!

November 27, 2020

Mikayla Robertson

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Mikayla is a Colorado elopement and wedding photographer. In addition to delivering beautiful galleries to her couples, Mikayla provides epic location recommendations, connects couples with talented vendors, processes any permits, and provides tips for a stress-free day!

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