Sapphire Point Overlook Wedding Guide [Tips & Photos]

couple eloping at sapphire point overlook

Sapphire Point Overlook is a very popular outdoor wedding and elopement location in Dillon, Colorado (at the top of Swan Mountain Road, between Breckenridge & Keystone for all of you skiers). 

This beautiful location sits right at 9,500 feet above sea-level and provides easy access to amazing views in Summit County and a perfect location if you’re a couple looking for a beautiful backdrop on your day.

Keep reading to learn more about Sapphire Point Overlook from a local Colorado elopement and intimate wedding photographer!

Intimate wedding at Sapphire Point at the end of September around 3 pm

Booking Sapphire Point Overlook is where you will reserve Sapphire Point Overlook for your elopement or wedding. Click the “Campsite List” tab, select an available date and 2 hour time slot, and then click “add to cart”. 

To reserve Sapphire Point Overlook, be prepared to pay the $118 to officially secure your date.

Sapphire Point can only be reserved in 2 hour slots. Couples are able to reserve more than one slot for the day if they want more time for set up & take down. If you don’t reserve the extra time slots, be prepared to be in and out during your 2 hours, as the other couples’ reservation starts as soon as your 2 hours are up.

Click here to reserve Sapphire Point Overlook

When to get married at Sapphire Point Overlook

Sapphire Point is accessible year round. With that, the vibe of your photos will be vastly different depending on the time of year you choose. If your date is flexible, these photos are to help you determine which season you prefer (fall looks like summer but with less green & if you’re lucky, there will be yellow aspen in the background).

Other than preferring summer vs winter weather and skiing vs hiking, the biggest thing to figure out is whether or not you prefer Lake Dillon beautiful and frozen or beautiful and blue.

A different angle at Sapphire Point for when you need to be strategic with lighting. Photo taken around 9 am. Note: Someone spread roses here and didn’t pick them up and they froze into the slush. Don’t be that person.

Rules for Sapphire Point Overlook

· Only 35 people are permitted for wedding ceremonies…this includes everyone (couple, guests, photographer, videographer, whoever)

· Ensure your rental or catering companies have contacted the Dillon Ranger District (970-468-5400) in order to obtain a permit. Without their commercial permit, they are prohibited from being at Sapphire Point. This commercial permit is separate from your reservation

· When coordinating rentals, keep in mind that the ground at Sapphire Point cannot be disturbed, meaning no stakes or poles for your décor

· Someone must have reservation confirmation on them at all times while at the Sapphire Point. Consider printing it out so avoid any technology drama

· Releasing seeds, plants, animals or other items must be approved prior to your elopement or wedding ceremony by the Dillon Ranger District

· All furniture, flowers (!!!), trash and other decorations/proof that you had an event there needs to be removed by the end of your 2 hour reservation

· Sapphire Point Overlook must be accessible to all users at all times. Your reservation doesn’t prevent hikers or tourists from accessing the trail that runs directly behind the wedding ceremony space

· Don’t move firewood so we don’t contribute to the spread of beetle-kill in the area

· Respect and adhere to any fire restrictions in the area

More questions? Call the Dillon Ranger District at (970) 468-5400

Sapphire Point Overlook elopement in January around 8 am

Why should you get married at Sapphire Point Overlook?

Accessibility. Sapphire Point is one of the most accessible outdoor venues in all of Colorado. The roads to get to the parking lot are paved the entire way. A 4×4 vehicle is recommended but only really necessary during the winter months when road conditions can become sketchy. Once you arrive in the parking lot, the trail to the overlook is .1 miles from the parking lot at a -4% grade, meaning you won’t feel the elevation until  you’re on your way out. Even then—you’ll only be gaining 24 feet of elevation gain—a huge win for couples and families coming from sea-level or lower elevations or might have trouble moving around.

PRO-TIP: The trail for Sapphire Point isn’t shoveled/plowed in the winter. Keep this in mind when choosing your footwear and considering your guests. Kahtoolas are awesome to help add traction to any footwear.

The views. Sapphire Point Overlook offers breathtaking views of Dillon Reservoir with the Gore and Tenmile Mountain Ranges in the distance. Being able to get this kind of scenery for such little effort is rare and a huge benefit of choosing this location for your elopement or wedding.

Affordable. How many venues can you think of that are easily accessible, have outrageous views, and only cost you $118?

Location. Dillon, Colorado is in Summit County and near Breckenridge, one of the most visited mountain towns in all of Colorado. If you make this area your home base, you will have the best time exploring before and/or after your ceremony and celebration. 

Arapahoe Basin, Keystone, Breckenridge and Copper Mountain ski resorts are 10 miles from Sapphire Point for any couples who want to make a ski trip out of it.

Blue Lakes, Old Dillon Reservoir Trail, Mohawk Lakes, Quandary Peak are some awesome trails in the area for couples who want to hike and explore.

If you want to stay closer to the Front Range, Sapphire Point is only 1 hour and 30 minutes from Boulder, 1 hour and 20 minutes from Downtown Denver, and 1 hour and 40 minutes from Denver International Airport (before I-70 traffic).

Year round access. Many epic locations aren’t accessible during the winter months due to snow and the fact that the roads leading up to the location are not being maintained. Swan Mountain Road and the parking lot are maintained year round. Keep in mind that the trail is snowy and sometimes icy during the winter, pack appropriate footwear to maximize traction and safety.

Sapphire Point elopement in late May around 3 pm

Tips for your Sapphire Point Overlook elopement or mountain wedding 

Avoid weekends and holidays. Sapphire Point Overlook is one of those spots that is on the way to a lot of activities. Meaning a lot of people are driving to their destination, see this gorgeous view, and pull off for a quick photo or to scope the area out. Most couples appreciate privacy on during their elopement or wedding ceremony. Avoiding weekends and holidays will maximize your privacy and to ensure that you and your guests can grab the parking you need out of the 22 slots available.

Plan ahead. If your timing isn’t as flexible, make sure that you make your reservation early to ensure you get your desired timeslot. Sapphire Point Overlook operates on a 6-month rolling basis.

Sapphire Point Elopement in March around 10 am

Sapphire Point Overlook FAQs

How do I get to the parking lot? Sapphire Point Overlook = 39° 35′ 17.0005″ N 106° 2′ 37.0000″ W. If you search “Sapphire Point Overlook” in your preferred maps app (Google, Apple, Waze) or manually put those coordinates in, you’ll arrive to the parking lot with no problems other than some potential traffic on I-70.

Is there a restroom? Yes, there is a restroom right where parking lot and trail meet. 

Is there cell phone service? Yes, there is decent cell service.  You might have to walk the parking lot to find the perfect spot though because service can be spotty along Swan Mountain Road.

Can I block off the trail to other visitors during my 2 hour reservation? No. Your reservation prevents others from getting married at the ceremony location during your reserved time but it doesn’t pr

event others from using the trail that runs behind it.

Does my photographer or videographer need a permit? They don’t need a permit as long as you have a reservation.

How close is Sapphire Point from neighboring towns? Sapphire Point is 18 minutes to Breckenridge, 10 minutes to Dillon, 9 minutes to Frisco.

If you need to reach out to the Dillon Ranger District with any clarifying questions, you can contact them at (970) 468-7681 or (970) 468-5400. 

colorado elopement photographer

Looking for a Colorado photographer?

Looking for a Colorado photographer to document your Sapphire Point wedding or elopement? I’ve photographed many elopements, intimate weddings, and engagement sessions at Sapphire Point Overlook. Check out my elopement pricingwedding pricing, and then fill out my contact form so we can see if we’re a good fit for each other! I can’t wait to learn more about your day.

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March 8, 2022

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