6 Ways to Include Family in Your Elopement

Hey friends! I’m a Colorado elopement and adventurous wedding photographer! I’ve been asked about ways to include family in your elopement by a lot of my couples and decided to add this information to my blog! Enjoy 🙂

1. Easiest one – BRING THEM!

I am A HUGE fan of bringing your most important peeps along on your wedding day. An elopement doesn’t have to exclude your closest family and friends if you’d rather have them there! I’m always telling my couples that your day should look exactly how you want it to and if that includes some extra humans to help celebrate you, YAY!

Colorado has a ton of epic views but you don’t have to have climbed Mt. Everest to get the good stuff. In fact, you don’t have to have any hiking history ever. I pride myself (lol humble brag right here) on being able to find locations for my couples that they can bring family members to! We don’t have to hike 8 miles with 3000 feet elevation gain to find a remote and UNREAL view. There are places that we can drive right on up to!

2. Have A Loved One Officiate

Colorado is super cool because you can self-solemnize–you don’t have to hire an officiant to become legally married. So! How cool would it to be to have a family member or BFF officiate or speak??? I think it’s one of the coolest things ever because a family member knows your relationship INFINITELY better than a random stranger. I think that could add a lot of extra feels to your ceremony!

3. Include Them In Getting Ready Photos

Getting ready before exchanging vows is always such an emotional part of the day. If you and your honey are dead-set on saying vows in private, you could always spend this special moments with your peeps beforehand! Your family will love it and it’s a great way to start an epic day!

getting ready photos before an elopement in Colorado

4. Party With Them Right After Your Vows

Rent an Air BnB in the mountains, hire a caterer, and celebrate your love!! You could still have dances, toasts, and cake cutting! This is a cool way to include some traditional wedding day events in your elopement day. I’ve had clients say that it felt like they had everyone present!

5. Ask Them To Write You Letters For You To Read The Day Of Your Elopement

If your family can’t be there, ask them to write you some heartfelt letters for you to read the day of your elopement. This could replace any toasts that they’d give and can help you go into your elopement day feeling alllll of the love!

6. FaceTime Them

Modern technology is a beautiful, beautiful thing! FaceTiming your family throughout the day can help ease those feelings of missing them! There are lots of awesome spots in Colorado that have cell service. if you are hoping to video chat throughout your day! Let your Colorado Elopement Photographer know if this is something that’s really important to you so they know which places to recommend to you!

I hope those 6 ways to include family in your elopement were helpful! As always, reach out if you have any other questions or if you want to start planning your epic day!

xo Mikayla

December 29, 2020

Mikayla Robertson

Meet mikayla

Mikayla is a Colorado elopement and wedding photographer. In addition to delivering beautiful galleries to her couples, Mikayla provides epic location recommendations, connects couples with talented vendors, processes any permits, and provides tips for a stress-free day!

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