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What to Wear for Colorado Engagement Session

Okay, so if you’re reading this you’re already engaged and are planning to have your photos taken in the mountains ORRR you’re alllllllmost engaged you’re planning to have your photos taken in the mountains! Super exciting! Let’s dive in on what to wear during your Colorado engagement session.

1) Comfy footwear!!!!

I seriously can’t stress this enough! Your footwear will make or break your experience. Always try to choose shoes that you can frolic, jump, twirl, and dance in. To get fun, candid reactions out of my couples, I have them do a lot of movement! If you can’t imagine walking two miles in a pair of shoes, you should decide on another.

Also, engagement sessions in the mountains always involve a trail of some kind. Sometimes they’re wide and smooth, but the majority of the time they’re narrow and uneven. If you’re dead set on wearing heels, that’s totally fine, just pack a sturdy pair for the trek up.
Shoes most popular with my clients: boots (think Doc Martens or something with tread) and Converse

2) Neutrals/Muted Colors Photograph Best

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If you’re having your photos taken outside, chances are it’s because you find nature beautiful and you want it showcased in your engagement photos! It makes total sense. You know what takes away from the beauty of the mountains, or high alpine lake, or a field of wildflowers? Neons. Fluorescent colors. We want the focus to be on you, your honey, and the insane beauty around you guys! You don’t want the first thing to catch your grandma’s eye to be a neon t shirt or sock. Also, neons and fluorescent colors will 100% reflect onto your honey’s face/body. We reeeeally don’t want that.
Examples: Denim, muted blues, black, white, cream, grey, tan.

3) Clothes with movement

After living here for close to a decade, you know what I automatically think of when thinking of Colorado? Wind. It can get SO windy here, especially at high altitudes. We have to use it to our advantage! Dresses are a great way to get movement in your photos but if dresses aren’t your thing, anything that isn’t skintight will work! (Yankee Boy Basin Engagement Session)
lake dillon engagement session

4) Be strategic with patterns!

This kind of piggy backs off of the tip # 2! We want to limit our distractions. If you love plaid or polka dots and really want to wear it during your engagement session, that’s totally fine! I love plaid and polka dots too! I would just advise against the both of you wearing plaid or polka dots. Maybe the other person wears a neutral color so it doesn’t feel too busy. Get what I’m saying?


If dresses and ties aren’t your thing, you don’t have to wear them! I am a very firm believer that if ya feel good, ya look better! Also, how comfortable do you think you’re doing to look if aren’t wearing something you feel amazing in? I just want you two to focus on each other and have fun joking and snuggling and frolicking together! I don’t want you to feel self-conscious or uneasy. Because making out in front of a stranger with a camera is hard on it’s own. Pick clothes that fit your personality and make you feel like YOU!

Can’t Decide On Casual vs. Formal?

If you can’t decide between a more casual outfit and a formal one, we can do both! I’ll just be strategic and won’t ask you guys to do the crazy, fun prompts with twirls while you’re in the more restrictive outfit! Deal?! 

P.S. This awesome engagement session was in Rocky Mountain National Park and if you’re interested in a session there too, click here to learn about the rules of the park!

Alright friends, that’s it! Hopefully, that helped you figure out what to wear during your Colorado engagement session! If you have more questions just reach out and we can figure it out together!