10 Best Wedding Florists in Colorado

Alright you guys, wedding planning can lead you ALL over the internet and choosing a florist can be particularly difficult. So, I decided to help you out and consolidate a list of my 10 best florists in Colorado! As a wedding photographer, I am obsessed with a bomb bouquet and florals. They photograph sososo well and have the potential to add so much to the vibe of your day. I hope you guys enjoy these!

10 Best Weddings Florists in Colorado:

  1. Plume and Furrow
  2. Lace and Lillies
  3. COS Design Works
  4. Sarah Mica Design
  5. Altitude Floral
  6. K Carrera Design
  7. Juniper and Twine Floral and Gifts
  8. Boulder Blooms
  9. A Florae
  10. Stems A Flower Shop
Parrish ranch wedding in boulder
Florals by Plume and Furrow

A couple questions to ask before hiring a florist:

1. What recommendations can you give to maximize my budget?

If you love someone’s work but they’re a little out of your price range PLEASE don’t count them out. I guarantee you that you guys can figure out a way to make it work. If you’re looking for an extravagant arch or some other large installation that puts you over budget, ask the florist how you can to make room! A very popular way to do that is by limiting the party personals (boutonnières, corsages, aisle petals, floral crowns, etc.), for instance. They’re experts and they have so many ideas on how to make it work!

2. Can I see examples or photographs from real weddings?

I feel like this goes without saying but pleeeeease get eyes on the product before shelling out thousands of dollars! I personally think it would be particularly helpful to ask to see work from the season you plan on getting married in. This allows you to see their art and truly get a sense of what your day could look like AND make sure that they can truly deliver amazing florals!

10 best florists in colorado
Florals by Dore Huss of Stems A Flower Shop

3. What’s the process for set up and take down? Do you just drop them off?

I once had a couple who had to have people in the wedding party put up their floral arrangements and the arch blew over right before the ceremony (Colorado is very windy). You should ABSOLUTELY get information about how involved the florist is in ensuring installations stay in tact and withstand the elements!

4. Do you provide any other decorative items with the arrangements?

Some florists also provide vases, table decorations, candleholders, etc. to accompany the florals. Which means, depending on what you’re going for, you could book your rentals through your florist. This could be really helpful because you could potentially avoid renting from another company.

5. Are there any extra charges that I’ll run into?

Depending on what the florist provides, you could run into extra fees. It’s nice to know this up front verses deeper into the hiring process OR after you’re already under contract!

10 best florists in colorado
Florals by: COS Design Works

My 2 biggest tips:


Go into your search knowing how you want your day to feel. Do you want romantic, vibrant, minimal, etc? This will help explain to the florist exactly what you’re going for! Pinterest helps sosososo much with inspiration to get you started on color schemes and what your envisioning.


Seriously, you guys, floral design truly is an art. Your florist wants to know your vision and then work from there. You’ve done your research, so by this point, you know they’re legit. They are the professionals and work so incredibly hard to give you something beautiful and unique to match the vibes you’re going for! If you allow them to work their magic, you’re going to be amazed when you see the final product!

Florals by Altitude Floral

Finally! Okay, friends! I really hope that my list of the 10 best florists in Colorado and some tips helped you out during your planning process! As always, holler if ya need me 🙂

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